What’s for dinner? Chicken, orzo, salad

Been doing some hardcore outdoor running lately – ok not a lot, just the past 3 days. It’s nice to get back out there. It was a welcome break, I think my legs needed it, but found myself craving for something better than starring across the street and at my own reflection in the gym. I hate it. Anyway, all this running has made me really hungry! LOL

It was definitely Conan’s night to do the brain work on this one. We’ve run out of real food in the fridge, so we lazied out and went to the supermarket I hate most. I’m not going to say which one it is…but I hate it because the food isn’t that fresh, it’s super expensive and the food selection is boring.

Regardless, we got our few ingredients and Conan went to work in the kitchen while I continued to read why Anthony Bourdain hates Alan Richman (very good reasons btw. Very good.)

Oh yes, before I begin – we cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken :P

It was a good meal!!! YUMMM!!! However, Conan did say there was a lot of prep work involved, mainly chopping things up – but you know what? So was my curry tofu noodles!!!! I julienned those veggies!

Orzo Salad

Red onion
Red pepper
Macedonian goat cheese
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

  1. Cook orzo as per the instructions on the package
  2. Cut up your vegetables into bite-sized bits, including olives
  3. Mix everything together with lemon juice and olive oil
  4. Salt & pepper to taste

Seems easy – but Conan said there was a lot of prep work!

IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!! Excellent Saturday night dinner! :) Thanks baby!


What’s for lunch?

Today I had a salad with slightly pickled cucumbers, carrots and red onion.

Needless to say, yes it was quite delicious!

Recipe for Slightly Pickled Cucumbers, Carrots and Red Onion

Some finely sliced red onion
Some sliced carrots
Some sliced cucumber
Rice vinegar

Put vegetables in a bow, sprinkle with a good helping of salt. You really just want this to be a quick pickle, so lots of salt will facilitate this – plus draw out excess water.

Depending on how many vegetables you have prepared, mix the rice wine vinegar and water together, a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to water should do. Add sugar to the mixture, again this depends on really how sweet you want it to be – taste it!

Let it pickle for a minimum of 10-15 minutes then serve!!!

YUMMMM!!!! =9