Dynasty Chinese Cuisine

In preparation for my cousins’ moms visit in 2 months, we decided to scope out some dim sum restaurants downtown. This is my short review on Dynasty Chinese Cuisine posted on urbanspoon.


Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
69 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON
(416) 923-3323

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong then you’ll know that there are no restaurants in Toronto/Markham/Richmond Hill that serve up their food as hot and steamy as they do across the sea.

However after many years of the weekly dim sum ritual with grandparents and extended family in Toronto at many different restaurants (cheap and expensive), Dynasty is the first place I have been to in Ontario that serves up dishes so hot and steamy that even after 15 minutes of “cooling” it’s still hot and steamy – by Hong Kong standards, a good sign the food is good.
In general, the food was really good. We found it not oily, not too salty, or over/undercooked.
Some highlights: The steamed meatballs were soft, tender and flavourful. The steamed sweet egg yolk buns (which is one of my fav dim sum dessert items) were hot, gooey and a bit runny – which is the actual way a good egg yolk bun should be. It was delicious.
In short, the price tag is on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it.