Class Action Lawsuit against The Butchers/Marlon’s Meat in Toronto

I’ve been following this story since one of my friends notified me of this incredible deal for The Butchers organic meats – $99 for $400 worth of organic meats. I thought that sounded interesting, but at the time I didn’t feel comfortable with those online group deals, so I didn’t partake. Over the next few days he kept sending me the same deal but from different websites. I questioned their validity, but he seemed unfazed.

Fast forward a few months, chaos ensues, no one is getting their meat from The Butchers (not to be confused with The Friendly Butcher, The Healthy Butcher – they’re legit) and everyone was and currently are still, trying to get their money back. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much success for the consumer.

According to Marlon Pather (the owner), it’s a big sob story for them – they were over zealous, naive and signed up for too many coupon deals and now were bound by poorly written contracts blah blah blah. The coupon companies are, obviously, not taking responsibility either. The solution? A mystery. The Butchers began to only take orders from coupon holders during restricted store hours claiming the demand for meat was overwhelming and some municipal governing body required them to do so in order to keep the meat “in regulation.” Soon after that The Butchers closed down for renovations to accommodate the demand. Approximately half a year goes by, The Butchers re-opens their door but as Marlon’s Meats.

Let’s play a the Assumption Game.

The owner, Marlon, had a reputation for providing quality meats (might not be true, but it’s the assumption game). He decides that he’ll be a bit greedy, increase his revenues by getting in on the the group buy/coupon phenomenon. So not only does he sign up for one, but signs up for many – Webpiggy, Dealgetters, DealFind, Dealtickers, TeamBuy and BuyTopia. Alright, Marlon claims being naive, but really? We can assume he knew exactly what he was doing. He uses the money he scams from the consumers to re-brand and renovate the old place in addition to opening a NEW STORE – Marlin’s Fish Shop (I believe this will be located close to the Meat store). Now he’s refusing to have any responsibility for the coupons and redeeming them. He had “extended” the coupons until Labour Day 2012, but when people can’t even get them – it’s just a lie.

I have researched and gone through MANY comments on other blogs, news sites and forums. There seems that a very very selected few have actually received refunds from the coupon companies and no one has actually gotten meats from the The Butchers/Marlon’s Meats. People are still talking about it and consumers are still trying to get their money back.

Here are all the “solutions” or “things you can do” to try to get your money back…or perhaps even some meat???

  1. Call your coupon company and harass them until they give you something.
    Apparently some consumers have had some luck with refunds this way. Some have received CREDITS, which isn’t the same as money…but, better than nothing? Apparently PETER from BUYTOPIA does something…
  2. Bring up the Consumer Protection Act in your Correspondence.
    We all have rights and we’re also protected…to a certain degree. (
  3. File a Complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch.
    This seems to work for some (
  4. Going Through the Credit Card Company.
    According to some people, they have been successful with going this route, but only with support from the Consumer Protection Branch. The latest success story I’ve read from someone doing this is from a post on RedFlagDeals forum on February 4, 2012.
  5. Legal Action – class-action lawsuit
    There have been some/many who have expressed interest in filing a class-action lawsuit against The Butchers/Marlon’s Meats and all the coupon companies involved. I tried looking it up on the internet to see if it currently exists, but I couldn’t really find anything. I did see a person who is trying to round up those interested, you can email them (
  6. Legal Action – small claims.
    There are some individuals who have pursued by hiring their own lawyers to deal with the issue. It seems to work well.

Those are the most popular modes of action that I’ve encountered so far in my research. I’ve also heard of people garnering media backup and attention (Peter Silverman anyone?

As for Marlon and his business(es), his website officially DOES NOT have an FAQ section outlining what coupon holders should do, it loads extremely slowly/doesn’t load sometimes, has no real information – only promises. Their twitter account once upon a time had ONE “test” tweet, since then, no tweets, no updates.

It seems this saga will not end anytime soon. It will be interesting as Labour Day 2012 approaches and what legal action(s) will be taken!

Good luck to all who are pursuing justice!

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Sausage anyone?

(416) 703-7775
King West
609 King Street W.
Toronto, ON M5V



A while back my friends and I decided, after a hard evening workout, we would nullify all efforts made previously that evening by indulging in some sausages as Wvrst.

According to a friend that has actually been to Munich, she felt the atmosphere at Wvrst is very reminiscent of that place. The feature I liked most about the decor or the overall design, would have to be the oversized communal tables/benches. It provides you with the opportunity to gather in large groups and get cozy to some strangers and who knows?! You might like them!

In terms of the beers they had on tap, it definitely didn’t disappoint. They have a good variety of German beers and craft beers from around Ontario – Church-key, King, Kensington, Beaus, Flying Monkeys, Black Oak and Thornbury Cider. I actually went around Oktoberfest (yeah I know, it was a long time ago!) and they had a few special Oktoberfest beers on tap!

The ordering system they have there is a little awkward. If one plans to only have food, it’s not very difficult, you just order at the kitchen (which is open); but if you also wanted a beverage, you’ll have to walk up to the bar and do a separate order. I suppose at the end of the day, it’s not that hard, it’s just a nuisance.

I loved how they had their homemade sausages on display. It kinda helps when you’re trying to figure out what you want to order. There is such a great variety of meats!

Despite having a great variety, my friends and I surprisingly were able to choose our food quite quickly. We ordered: bison, wild boar, chicken, boerewors and duck fries.

The most disappointing item we ordered was the duck fries. They weren’t as impressive as we thought they would be. My friends and I all agreed the BeerBistros‘ duck Belgian frites is far superior – a must try!

Other than that, everything was awesome! Our favourites was definitely the bison. It carried the best and boldest flavours. It also had the best texture out of all the sausages. Wild boar was also a favourite among us. The game meats are definitely a highlight when you go to Wvrst!

The most regular and non-exciting sausage was chicken…I’m not sure why we ordered it, but whatever! Still ate it!

And we can’t forget the sauces! We tried WVRST, chive and garlic and chipotle. All were really good and we couldn’t get enough! My favourite would have to be the chive and garlic…but I’m a bit biased toward chives and garlic! :P

Wvrst is a really great place that I would bring my out of town friends and friends who want something different and unique in downtown Toronto. It’s definitely a great place for some good quality beers and great tasting food!

Ever thought of opening a food truck?

The thought definitely has crossed my mind…many times!

Here’s what you need if you’re serious…

How to Start a Food Truck in Toronto

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