One day we will ONLY DREAM of sushi…unless…

My dad has been in the seafood business for a long time, as far as I can remember at least. At one time in my childhood he subscribed to a fishing magazine. It was a great resource for me as it listed, with pictures, the various types of fish that were sold on the market. So when there was an opportunity at school to conduct a research project, I jumped at the chance to research about overfishing.

Overfishing at that time when I was in elementary school was a huge issue and today, well I can only imagine. We are running out of natural fish resources, we’ve been polluting our oceans and our efforts in farmed fishing have been marred with issues. While watching the very appetizing movie, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I salivated and admired the dedication to the craft, but near the end of the movie, Jiro lamented on the decline of fish/seafood quality and the future of sushi.

This relatively new documentary, Sushi: The Global Catch, really brings to bear the issues at hand and the bleak future for future generations to enjoy sushi. And despite my craving to eat at Kaji, I feel guilty for being part of the problem.


Noodle cravings

This summer is proving to be one of the best yet – minus the incredible exponential increase in alcohol consumption.

One day whilst running, I had a HUGE craving for noodles. So huge in fact, I ended my run at Kenzo Japaense Noodle House, quickly ordered a bowl of tonkotsu ramen. When it came, I devoured it, felt satisfyingly full and went off on my merry way – just to be hit with another noodle craving!

A few days later I went to Kinton Ramen, waited in line (well I went over to John’s Italian Caffe for beers) and had their shoyu ramen.

And yet after that satisfying experience, I still wanted more…and then I knew what it was – I wanted traditional Chinese lai-mein…a dan dan mein, although now that I type that, perhaps a really good bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle would suffice as well….hmmmmmmmmm

In short, I find ramen a bit too salty overall. Perhaps it’s the fact that the only ramen I know of is the instant kind and the kind they make/serve in Toronto. Regardless, both ramen houses had excellent noodles! I can’t really say much beyond that in terms of taste aside from the fact they both tasted similar.

Kinton may have the slight edge because they have 3 different soup levels (light, regular and heavy – based on fat content, I got regular) and they have a unique ambiance. Kenzo is more of a regular Asian home cooking food kind of place. But in my opinion, they’re both pretty equal – at least I didn’t have to wait a long time at Kenzo :)

So a mild to moderate review for these two places. They will satisfy your ramen craving, but nothing to rave about.