Mac & cheese


I find that many restaurants and eateries attempt to make one of the more truly authentic North American dishes, the mac & cheese, but fail to make it actually taste good. Most mac & cheese dishes I’ve had in Toronto taste bland, sometimes too liquidity and not cheesy enough.

One of the best mac & cheese experiences I’ve had is at the Victory Cafe. The mac & cheese has a wonderful crispy top and gooey cheesy macaroni underneath. The flavours of sun dried tomato and caramelized onion are layered in. The texture is not too liquid or dry (this isn’t a macaroni pie!). This is definitely my favorite place to grab this type of comfort food – nothing beats it…yet ;)

Aside from the mac & cheese, the Victory also has great beers on tap! I don’t really see how you can’t go try it out!!


Ribfest 2012

It’s crowded, sweaty, messy and even boozy at times, but being able to freely flaunt your gluttony over various forms of barbequed pork, super sugary sodas, deep fried sweet things and deep fried anything and NOT be negatively judged comes only a few times a year. Ribfest is one of those summer events where memories are formed and an unhealthy taste for meat is forged at an early age (for me at least!). I will be the first to admit I organize part of my summer around the Rotary Club’s annual Ribfests and I’m not even sure what the history or significance is behind the club really is! (I’m sure this link will tell me and I have yet to read about it.)

Just typing this entry is causing me to salivate…

Ribfest is one of those rare all-inclusive events – a mash-up of everyone from families, rebellious teens, old fogies, yuppies, those who only wear “wife-beaters” and trucker hats, hipsters and everything in between. And everyone has the same objective: to find the BBQ stall with the best ribs!!

Here are my tips for navigating the stalls:

  1. Check out the hardware – it’s a competition, so see what they’ve won!
  2. Scope out the line – longer the line, possibly the better the ribs…(not always the case, so judge wisely)
  3. Check out the sauce application technique – I’m a big saucy rib fan, the more sauce, the more I love it. A good saucy application is when they use that huge moppy looking thing and drench the sauce on the ribs every 2 seconds. If you see that, you’re golden!
  4. Watch the grilling process – this is how you choose the quality over the quantity stalls. I’ve seen a guy grill up some ribs, looked at it, taste it and throw out some ribs because they weren’t good enough. I got some ribs there and they were the BEST RIBS EVER!

And lastly, the 2012 Rotary Club Ribfest schedule.

Feastmode, y’all!!!

Gift Idea’s for Father’s Day – June 17th!

Every year I feel somewhat guilty because my dad is awesome, but it always seems like Mother’s day is a bigger event and I feel bad for the dad’s who just can’t seem to get the same excitement and build-up.

This year I think I’ve got some few good idea that my siblings are throwing around for him.

1. Global Knife

Global knives are pretty expensive, but they are sooo good! I have a couple and they’re super great to use. Light, sharp and easy to manuvere. This will also be a great gift because there are only dull knives at my dad’s :(

2. Davids Tea – Gentleman’s Collection

My dad really likes tea – although extremely partial to Chinese tea. This little gift set for $16.50 has 3 types of interestingly flavoured tea – Buttered rum, salted caramel and Brazillionaire:

Got a black tea lover on your gift list? Introduce them to three new classics with this exceptional collection of black tea blends. It’s got Buttered Rum, a creamy mix of black tea, coconut and vanilla. Then there’s Brazillionaire, a fabulously rich blend packed with whole Brazil Nuts. Finally, we have Salted Caramel, a sweet treat with two types of caramel and a touch of French sea salt. Looks like tea time just got a lot more interesting.

3. Summerlicious Dinner

Why not? He likes eating and so do we!! The list is out for this years event taking place July 6 to 22 with reservations starting June 21.

That’s all the ideas me and my siblings have so far…LET’S SEE WHERE THIS GOES!!!