What’s for dinner? Snapper with a Southern Accent

This dish, like all the other ones Conan and I make, was conceived at the supermarket and because we felt we wanted to eat something different. We’re standing at the seafood section, looking at all the fillets they had laid out and even considered the lobster (except they were really small and expensive). While we were staring at the fish, I was thinking to myself, “I wish I was in a Chinese supermarket and I could buy a live swimming fish and steam it in a wok.” Which is my most FAVOURITE way of preparing fish. Simple and super delicious. Anyway, we didn’t have that luxury here. Conan went for the trout, which I also love, but it almost felt like we always get trout, so I suggested snapper – and snapper it was! WOOT!

We have no idea how we’re going to make this fish, but Conan suggested maybe a breaded bake thing. I think he was remincing about some shake and bake commercial over the weekend and well, here we are at the supermarket shopping for ingredients to make breaded fish fillets.

We definitely cheated on this one because we actually bought bread crumbs that were “southern” – so pre-seasoned. Meh! I don’t need a huge tub of bread crumbs I’ll never use and we didn’t have bread at home.

In short, Conan patted the fish dry then patted the seasoned bread crumbs on the fish and baked it until it was crispy. He also paired it with some steammed beans, yams seasoned with some sweet spices (cinnimon, nutmeg) and of course, a lovely salad with some Macedonian-styled feta. YUMMM!!!!!


What’s for dinner? Some random evening last week

Life takes a hold of me sometimes, so I didn’t post this right away. But I’m doing it now!

Both Conan and I felt we were eating a lot of chicken lately, so fish was on the menu. I wanted tuna, but at $29.99/lb, I thought “No, I’m not made out of money at this moment, salmon will suffice.” And keeping in trend with saving money, I bought some seasonal produce, mainly a buttercup squash. The rest of the stuff I had in the fridge.

Salmon topped with tomato salsa

Salmon fillet
Tomatoes (I had both regular vine tomatoes and some cherry pear tomatoes)
Green onion (1 stalk)
Garlic (1 clove)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Wash and dry off salmon fillets
  3. Season with salt and pepper
  4. Bake until preferred doneness
  5. While salmon is cooking, dice up tomatoes and place in bowl
  6. Add salt and mix
  7. Chop up some green onion (I use the both the green and white parts, I’ve read some recipies where people only use the white – never understood why, makes no sense)
  8. Mince garlic
  9. Add to tomatoes
  10. Add in some olive oil and balsamic to liking
  11. Mix
  12. Serve ontop of salmon

Buttercup Squash

Buttercup squash

  1. Steam squash
  2. Scrape out flesh
  3. Add some butter, spices and mash
  4. Serve

I also prepared some quinoa and Conan stir-fried some bean sprouts and celery.

Yeah I’m too lazy to write it all out! But come on!! It’s a stir-fry!! Like the easiest thing you can make – seriously!