What’s for dinner? Some random evening last week

Life takes a hold of me sometimes, so I didn’t post this right away. But I’m doing it now!

Both Conan and I felt we were eating a lot of chicken lately, so fish was on the menu. I wanted tuna, but at $29.99/lb, I thought “No, I’m not made out of money at this moment, salmon will suffice.” And keeping in trend with saving money, I bought some seasonal produce, mainly a buttercup squash. The rest of the stuff I had in the fridge.

Salmon topped with tomato salsa

Salmon fillet
Tomatoes (I had both regular vine tomatoes and some cherry pear tomatoes)
Green onion (1 stalk)
Garlic (1 clove)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Wash and dry off salmon fillets
  3. Season with salt and pepper
  4. Bake until preferred doneness
  5. While salmon is cooking, dice up tomatoes and place in bowl
  6. Add salt and mix
  7. Chop up some green onion (I use the both the green and white parts, I’ve read some recipies where people only use the white – never understood why, makes no sense)
  8. Mince garlic
  9. Add to tomatoes
  10. Add in some olive oil and balsamic to liking
  11. Mix
  12. Serve ontop of salmon

Buttercup Squash

Buttercup squash

  1. Steam squash
  2. Scrape out flesh
  3. Add some butter, spices and mash
  4. Serve

I also prepared some quinoa and Conan stir-fried some bean sprouts and celery.

Yeah I’m too lazy to write it all out! But come on!! It’s a stir-fry!! Like the easiest thing you can make – seriously!


What’s for breakfast? Family day edition

It’s nothing new and my family has done it since forever: the Sunday Brunch. It’s a great way to get together with friends and family, enjoy some food and each other’s company. For my family, we go to dim sum every Sunday. It is a great tradition! Sometimes it can get annoying because it means getting up early on a Sunday (sometimes after partying), fighting for a parking space and waiting in queue for a table. But nonetheless, it’s always great to eat some good food and see everyone on a weekly basis.

We didn’t do that this Sunday. Conan and I did however, wake up early, trudge through the snow to Starbucks, then trudge through more snow to Sobey’s but it was closed, so we walked around, sat down and had some good conversation. Once the store was open, we grabbed some groceries, headed back home and made some pancakes!

Conan followed the Martha Stewart’s “Best Buttermilk Pancake” recipe and added in some bananas. He does want to say he over-mixed it slightly – fyi y’all!!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! they were soo good!!! We had it with butter, maple syrup and some homemade blueberry fruit spread. It was really good and definitely hit the spot. I love spending weekends with Conan!!!

What’s for dinner? Chicken, orzo, salad

Been doing some hardcore outdoor running lately – ok not a lot, just the past 3 days. It’s nice to get back out there. It was a welcome break, I think my legs needed it, but found myself craving for something better than starring across the street and at my own reflection in the gym. I hate it. Anyway, all this running has made me really hungry! LOL

It was definitely Conan’s night to do the brain work on this one. We’ve run out of real food in the fridge, so we lazied out and went to the supermarket I hate most. I’m not going to say which one it is…but I hate it because the food isn’t that fresh, it’s super expensive and the food selection is boring.

Regardless, we got our few ingredients and Conan went to work in the kitchen while I continued to read why Anthony Bourdain hates Alan Richman (very good reasons btw. Very good.)

Oh yes, before I begin – we cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken :P

It was a good meal!!! YUMMM!!! However, Conan did say there was a lot of prep work involved, mainly chopping things up – but you know what? So was my curry tofu noodles!!!! I julienned those veggies!

Orzo Salad

Red onion
Red pepper
Macedonian goat cheese
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

  1. Cook orzo as per the instructions on the package
  2. Cut up your vegetables into bite-sized bits, including olives
  3. Mix everything together with lemon juice and olive oil
  4. Salt & pepper to taste

Seems easy – but Conan said there was a lot of prep work!

IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!! Excellent Saturday night dinner! :) Thanks baby!

what’s for dinner? Curry tofu noodles

Tonight I was inspired to make some curried fried rice noodles. Was thinking of a common Singapore noodle dish (星洲炒米粉) and wanted to use up the tofu I had. Of course, being Thursday and having a full Friday/weekend schedule, I didn’t have too much in the fridge, so I did what I could!

Just a side note, one of my favourite ways to eat tofu is frozen. Well, not like a popsicle, but frozen, thawed and cooked. Freezing tofu creates this great texture and it changes the way it can be flavoured. Quite scientific if you ask me! Tofu is like (I’m making this up) 80% water, and water expands when frozen. When you freeze tofu, the water inside it expands and this stretches the tofu and makes “holes” in it, giving it a really nice texture when thawed and cooked.

Did I mention it’s one of my favs? :P

Curry Tofu Noodles

Rice noodles (I like the wider kind)
Soft tofu, frozen and thawed
Finely sliced red pepper
Finely sliced carrot
Bite sized celery
Minced garlic
Finely sliced ginger (alternatively, you could just slice bigger medallions)
Curry powder
Red pepper flakes
Chili sauce (I used sriracha)
Fish sauce
Soy sauce
Olive oil or coconut oil…whatevs!

  1. Cook rice noodles. Place in hot water, cook until chewy or el dante. Just need to remember you’re going to be cooking them further. Rinse under cold water. Set aside.
  2. While noodles are cooking, prepare the vegetables, ginger and garlic. Set aside.
  3. Heat oil (I used a wok) and add in spices, ginger and garlic. In terms of how much I used, I used significantly more curry than any other spice. I suggest not too much clove, but other than that, go for it however you like!
  4. Once oil and spices have been incorporated into each other, dump in the veg and tofu. Stir.
  5. Add in some fish sauce and soy sauce. Toss around.
  6. Once finished, set aside.
  7. Add more oil to your cookware, add in the same spices (basically repeat step 3) and add in the noodles.
  8. Cook them up for a bit until the noodles are coated with the spices, then add in the vegetables again.
  9. Add some chili sauce to taste.
  10. Squirt in some lime. I used half a lime here and the other half when serving.
  11. Serve!

Yeah..so this was SUPER DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t stop eating it! YUMM! =9

One can always modify to their liking, adding different vegetables, spices, whatnot.

what was for dinner…last night? Roasted chicken with parsnips and carrots

Since I’m on a roll with this…what the hey!?

Roasted Chicken with maple-glazed parsnips and carrots

Chicken thighs
Parsnips & carrots washed, peeled and cut (we cut them into strips)
Maple syrup
Olive oil

Pre-heat oven to 375F. Season the chicken thighs with coriander, oregano, salt and pepper.  Place in oven.

Toss cut parsnip and carrot in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and place in oven.

Cook chicken for about 45 minutes, or until fully cooked.

Cook parsnip and carrots until almost cooked, about 20 minutes. Take them out of the oven and brush on some maple syrup and put back into the oven to crisp – about 10 minutes.

Serve hot!

What’s for lunch?

Today I had a salad with slightly pickled cucumbers, carrots and red onion.

Needless to say, yes it was quite delicious!

Recipe for Slightly Pickled Cucumbers, Carrots and Red Onion

Some finely sliced red onion
Some sliced carrots
Some sliced cucumber
Rice vinegar

Put vegetables in a bow, sprinkle with a good helping of salt. You really just want this to be a quick pickle, so lots of salt will facilitate this – plus draw out excess water.

Depending on how many vegetables you have prepared, mix the rice wine vinegar and water together, a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to water should do. Add sugar to the mixture, again this depends on really how sweet you want it to be – taste it!

Let it pickle for a minimum of 10-15 minutes then serve!!!

YUMMMM!!!! =9