Amsterdam Brewery excitement

Let’s skip to the news – Amsterdam Brewery is moving from its Bathurst/Lakeshore location in Toronto to Leaside (boo) BUT IS ALSO OPENING A BREW PUB ON THE TORONTO HARBOURFRONT!!!

I’m really excited about this because currently that space is occupied by Pier 4, which is not a place I would ever want to go in regardless of the the view.

Check these pics out that I saw on blogTO


Sausage anyone?

(416) 703-7775
King West
609 King Street W.
Toronto, ON M5V



A while back my friends and I decided, after a hard evening workout, we would nullify all efforts made previously that evening by indulging in some sausages as Wvrst.

According to a friend that has actually been to Munich, she felt the atmosphere at Wvrst is very reminiscent of that place. The feature I liked most about the decor or the overall design, would have to be the oversized communal tables/benches. It provides you with the opportunity to gather in large groups and get cozy to some strangers and who knows?! You might like them!

In terms of the beers they had on tap, it definitely didn’t disappoint. They have a good variety of German beers and craft beers from around Ontario – Church-key, King, Kensington, Beaus, Flying Monkeys, Black Oak and Thornbury Cider. I actually went around Oktoberfest (yeah I know, it was a long time ago!) and they had a few special Oktoberfest beers on tap!

The ordering system they have there is a little awkward. If one plans to only have food, it’s not very difficult, you just order at the kitchen (which is open); but if you also wanted a beverage, you’ll have to walk up to the bar and do a separate order. I suppose at the end of the day, it’s not that hard, it’s just a nuisance.

I loved how they had their homemade sausages on display. It kinda helps when you’re trying to figure out what you want to order. There is such a great variety of meats!

Despite having a great variety, my friends and I surprisingly were able to choose our food quite quickly. We ordered: bison, wild boar, chicken, boerewors and duck fries.

The most disappointing item we ordered was the duck fries. They weren’t as impressive as we thought they would be. My friends and I all agreed the BeerBistros‘ duck Belgian frites is far superior – a must try!

Other than that, everything was awesome! Our favourites was definitely the bison. It carried the best and boldest flavours. It also had the best texture out of all the sausages. Wild boar was also a favourite among us. The game meats are definitely a highlight when you go to Wvrst!

The most regular and non-exciting sausage was chicken…I’m not sure why we ordered it, but whatever! Still ate it!

And we can’t forget the sauces! We tried WVRST, chive and garlic and chipotle. All were really good and we couldn’t get enough! My favourite would have to be the chive and garlic…but I’m a bit biased toward chives and garlic! :P

Wvrst is a really great place that I would bring my out of town friends and friends who want something different and unique in downtown Toronto. It’s definitely a great place for some good quality beers and great tasting food!