food on film @ TIFF

Beginning in February and running until June is the Food on Film series at TIFF. It brings together foodies and film buffs, as well as culinary experts together in one place. Every month TIFF will feature a guest that will do a talk and among them, David Chang of Momofuku fame.

It’s a subscription event, which means you’re going to have to shell out for a package of tickets which is $180 for those non-members and $153 for members. I read on The Grid that TIFF may release single tickets depending on availability. Definitely don’t count on seeing David Chang if you’re banking on single tickets…

Here is the schedule of events/talks:

  • Wednesday, February 13 – Claire Stubbs on I Am Love
  • Wednesday, March 13 – James Oseland on The Trip
  • Wednesday, April 3 – David Chang on Eat Drink Man Woman
  • Wednesday, April 24 – Aldo Sohm on Sideways
  • Wednesday, May 15 – Anita Stewart on Food Inc.
  • Wednesday, June 19 – Kent Kirshenbaum on El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

I love food but…

How does one eat soo much? Even if it’s just once in a while?

When Conan and I went to Asia, we toured around Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. It was a fabulous time and we visited the most food glutenous places in the world. I was there a bit longer than Conan and before he came to meet me, my stomach was still full from trying to digest food from a week prior. It was just crazy…and oh so delicious. Right now, I wish I was in Taiwan, eating some stinky tofu, and then in a moment sitting in a crazy second floor brisk restaurant at a table my uncle just falsely assumes another family identity to secure said table and eat the most amazing Taishan food.

*breaks out of food trance*

But in reality, by the end of our trip, I wanted nothing more than to starve myself for the next few weeks because I was never hungry. Admittedly, I can’t keep up with everyone else in the game of eating, it’s a culture that I wish I could participate in, but my stomach just doesn’t stretch that way.

I don’t know how people do this, but they do. This is a moderate night compared to my experiences in Asia and Vancouver, but it’s still crazy.

Anthony Bourdain’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in NYC: Munchies

Guest Blogger

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to announce that I will have a guest blogger doing a series on places to eat in Markham, ON!!!!!

Stay tuned!

Vive le France!

Bonjour!!!! I’m in France – south of to be exact. Chillin in Montpellier at the moment. Haven’t had a chance to write much in the past week because of vacation, but the food has been…well very rich and French! More on that later if Conan let’s me use the Internet!!!


As a girl who likes food, consecutive dates with potential suitors are won through what they eat and don’t eat. I like to think my future man of the moment (or life partner…but I don’t want to jump the gun!), must have a broad palate, or at least adventurous enough to try new and random foods. Admittedly, I’ve peeked into fridges while on dates – usually when he has excused himself to go to the washroom, and I’ve judged a person by what they currently have in their fridge…and perhaps more importantly for a single guy, what they have in their freezer. So when I stumbled upon this site man•try – the man’s pantry, I got super excited!

Marketed to the single guy who wants to impress the ladies, expand his palate horizons and appear cooler than he probably is to his bros, Man•try offers a once a month delivery of unique and exotic food items to ones doorstep.

It’s a great hands-off way for any single guy to manufacture his sophistication.

“we know you’re busy, so we scour the planet to hook you up with the best food & drink.”

As much as I think this is a cool idea, my mind couldn’t stop illustrating the douchebag that would buy this service. You know who I’m talking about: a suit, lives in a condo, lift weights only (super skinny legs), takes their dates to expensive, shitty restaurant/lounges in the Financial District, wears driving moccacins (New Girl reference – but I LOVE Schmidt) and goes clubbing (still). On that note, I personally know some really  nice guys who ARE NOT douchey and who have an interest or want to develop their knowledge about cuisine, cooking and things like that. And they too would love this service for the idea…not their marketing.

But I digress, because what kind of guy wouldn’t want to tap into the “chicks bang men with taste” fantasy?

For me, I’ll drink your elderberry beer from Scotland and nibble on some caribou jerky but if your name isn’t Conan, you’re out of luck!

(I know Conan appreciates that last sentence!)


Ever thought of opening a food truck?

The thought definitely has crossed my mind…many times!

Here’s what you need if you’re serious…

How to Start a Food Truck in Toronto

Created by Toronto Food Trucks