La Société Bistro

I think I’ve walked by this place about a dozen times. La Société has a cool outdoor bar/patio contraption that extends onto the posh streets of Bloor Street near Avenue Road and admittedly, I’ve paid absolutely no attention to it based on locale alone (I’m not a huge fan of super pretenious places). However, the other day one of the partners of my company took me and a colleague out for a Friday lunch at the restaurant and I was quite impressed.

Located on the second floor avec a nice 2nd floor balcony of sorts overlooking Bloor, La Société definitely gives off a cool Paris vibe. The interior is impressive, very Parisian and beautiful with it’s stained glass ceilling in the centre of the restaurant. We’re seated at a pretty small table and I immediately notice the clientle there – let’s just say 80% of them were white haired ladies who wore sunglasses too big for their face – you know the type, the housewives of something something. I suppose that is to be expected when you’re lounging around Yorkville, across the street of one of the most expensive condos in the city…

Aside from that small blip in my experience, our waitress was wonderful! She was pretty cool and spoke French with a very nice accent! We ordered some vino blanc and biere (Kronenberg blanc – which is fab btw, but that’s only because I love Blanche de Chambly).

Ok before I get too into describing what we had, I have to say I’m not a big fan of French cuisine – NOT because it doesn’t taste good, it’s just a bit heavy for my liking. That said, I do enjoy it every other blue moon ;)

The menu was varied and extensive. I liked the variety – for once!

We started off with some marinated olives. We had some steak tartare, Moules au safran – frites (mussels) and the La Société benedict.

Apologies for the absense of photos because I just didn’t take any! I was at a business lunch!

Anyway, the marinated olives were pretty good. One of type was really “new/green”, that probably was the most “unliked” olive type, but the smaller niçoise olive were the most flavourful and delicious!

The steak tartare was TO DIE FOR! It was absolutely delicious. Tender and moist with some bite to it.

The sauce for the mussels were really good – albeit, it was probably due to the cream, but still – fat is flavour!

The benedict was…AWESOME! Toasted brioche (mmmmm), ham, perfectly poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce WITHOUT the dill (sometimes the addition of dill is overpowering and makes it taste gross. Also this sauce wasn’t too acidic, which is my issue with some places *coughLePetiteDejeuner*cough), with a side of nice thin frites. Heaven. I was soo full, but I ate all of it.

We ended our meal off with a plate of assorted sweets – lime and lemon macaroons, berry jellies, chocolate run truffles. Like I said, I was really full but I ate all this!!! It was amazing!!!



131 Bloor Street West. Unit 211
M5S 1R1


Hours of Operation:  
11:30am to Midnight on Monday to Thursday
11:30am to 2am on Friday
11:00am for Brunch on Saturday & Sunday
11:00am to 2am on Saturday
11:00am to Midnight on Sunday
Open late nightly