Caution: Art

For the past 6 years Nuit Blanche has created an opportunity for an art explosion across downtown Toronto. It’s a great event for all those who love to create art, those who love art and those love to stay up late with a whole bunch of other like-minded people.

I have a love/hate thing for Nuit Blanche, not so much hate but it’s always soo freaking cold!!! As I generally dislike cold temperatures, it’s not a big deal :P

And for those who missed Nuit Blanche, a cool and short video of few of the many great installations at this years event.


Travel and Eat

I was just floating around the internet and I found this clip – Eat. It’s one out of a three part travel series of videos by Rick Meriki with Andrew Lees. They travelled to 44 countries eating, learning and moving. Tim White was the director of photograph and editor for the short films

All three films are awesome!