As a girl who likes food, consecutive dates with potential suitors are won through what they eat and don’t eat. I like to think my future man of the moment (or life partner…but I don’t want to jump the gun!), must have a broad palate, or at least adventurous enough to try new and random foods. Admittedly, I’ve peeked into fridges while on dates – usually when he has excused himself to go to the washroom, and I’ve judged a person by what they currently have in their fridge…and perhaps more importantly for a single guy, what they have in their freezer. So when I stumbled upon this site man•try – the man’s pantry, I got super excited!

Marketed to the single guy who wants to impress the ladies, expand his palate horizons and appear cooler than he probably is to his bros, Man•try offers a once a month delivery of unique and exotic food items to ones doorstep.

It’s a great hands-off way for any single guy to manufacture his sophistication.

“we know you’re busy, so we scour the planet to hook you up with the best food & drink.”

As much as I think this is a cool idea, my mind couldn’t stop illustrating the douchebag that would buy this service. You know who I’m talking about: a suit, lives in a condo, lift weights only (super skinny legs), takes their dates to expensive, shitty restaurant/lounges in the Financial District, wears driving moccacins (New Girl reference – but I LOVE Schmidt) and goes clubbing (still). On that note, I personally know some really  nice guys who ARE NOT douchey and who have an interest or want to develop their knowledge about cuisine, cooking and things like that. And they too would love this service for the idea…not their marketing.

But I digress, because what kind of guy wouldn’t want to tap into the “chicks bang men with taste” fantasy?

For me, I’ll drink your elderberry beer from Scotland and nibble on some caribou jerky but if your name isn’t Conan, you’re out of luck!

(I know Conan appreciates that last sentence!)



The Arnold Palmer

I think I made reference to this drink in a post somewhere.

So basically the Arnold Palmer is a lemon iced tea, but I believe there is actually a branded drink by that name. Anyway, it’s half tea and half lemonade! Simple dimple.

  • Brew some orange pekoe tea – make it strong and dark.
  • Squeeze some lemon juice
  • Put some sugar in a pot with some water for a simple syrup – heat until dissolved
  • Mix simple syrup with lemon juice (I put the lemon zest in the heating simple syrup to infuse with more lemony flavour – just sayin’)
  • Add to lemon combo to tea
  • Dilute with some cold water – but not too much because…..
  • Serve cold and finish diluting with some fizzy water AND (maybe) some alcohol ;)


The Arnold Palmer.