RE: Longo’s Customer Service?

Alright it’s been awhile, but that’s because I’ve been enjoying (probably too much) some much needed vacation time!

Vacations are amazing and fun – but there comes a time when you just think to yourself, “I want to sleep in my own bed and just do nothing at home.” So I’m glad to be home after a long vacation. This also meant my mailbox was stuffed with mail. After sifting through countless spam mail I finally arrived at a letter from Longos!

Just a quick re-cap for those who don’t feel like scrolling down 2 clicks:

Bought a pizza from Longo’s and it was decent. Bought another pizza from Longo’s and it didn’t have sauce, but thought it was just a fluke. Bought a third pizza from Longo’s – it also had no sauce and definitely not a fluke. They are cheaping out on TOMATO SAUCE! COME ON!!!

They sent me a $10 gift certificate. Ok, that’s somewhat sweet – except it doesn’t even cover the price of the sauceless pizzas I’ve bought from them ¬†– not even one!

I would re-try the pizza this week, but I think I’m off of food for a while :P ¬†FOOD OVERLOAD!


Longo’s – Customer Service?

I have had a dissatisfied experience with Longo’s, in particular, with their sub-par pizza. What did I do about it? I wrote them an email. They definitely encourage customer feedback, I mean they even say that on their website, so why not? They need to know if they’re ever going to keep their “strong commitment to quality, service and value.” It’s even in the Globe and Mail that they’re committed to serving me – a customer.

So I wrote them:

Dear Longos,

As a loyal customer, I feel I have to let you know that your in-store, signature, freshly made and baked pizza is by far the most disappointing item at your store thus far. The main reason? YOU DON’T HAVE ANY TOMATO SAUCE ON IT!!

I first sampled your pizza at your recently opened flagship store on Bremner and York in downtown Toronto during a promotional pizza special you were having since you just opened. I was very impressed with the pizza and as such, I went back for another one the next week. Unfortunately, the second time I went back for your pizza it was extremely disappointing – there was pepperoni, there was cheese – but there wasn’t any tomato sauce. I was quite forgiving – perhaps it was just a mistake. I went back yet another time for a pizza (since I was so impressed the first time), SAME SITUATION: NO SAUCE!!!! I have attached pictures to prove it.

If you’re going to sell pizza WITHOUT tomato sauce, please DO NOT CALL IT pizza because it is clearly just bread with cheese and pepperoni. If this is your signature, than I’m not sure you should be promoting yourself as anything more than a crappy grocery store.

I’ve bought 2 of your pizzas when it was not on special and they’ve been the most disappointing experience at Longos so far. Don’t cheap out on the sauce – that’s weak.

And I received a promising auto-email back:

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Your e-mail is very important to us and we will respond to your e-mail as quickly as possible within 24 hrs during our business hours.


Longos Customer Care Teamhan Gro

Respond to me within 24 hours of their business hours?! Either they’re on early holidays, or they haven’t been working in the past 3 days…!!!!

So much hyping up their own commitment to customer service…

In conclusion, Longo’s is crappy. They also have an extremely slow website.


I’ll post their reply…if I ever get one. If I don’t get one today, I’ll call them!