The perfect egg

After talking about MasterChef all summer to my friend Jenn, she finally started watching it 2 days ago. Not surprisingly she’s almost done the entire season because it’s JUST THAT GOOD!

One of the episodes she watched last night was episode 12 where Josh Marks is eliminated on an egg challenge. Naturally we were mad texting each other about how horrible it was that Josh was eliminated and this morning IM’g about eggs and how to make them properly.

Jenn is a lover of eggs. Out of all the people I know, she eats the most eggs. There was a time in her life where she questionned the number of eggs she ate and the humanity of it all (after watching a PETA-sponsored documentary) and she started buying free range eggs, but that never stopped her from eating them!

After watching that sad episode where Josh goes home on a soft boiled egg, Jenn says, “I could’ve saved him [Josh]! Those are the only things I know how to cook!” And with that, here are Jenn’s tips for making the perfect hard boiled and soft boiled egg:

Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Put egg in non-boiling water and turn burner to high
  2. As soon as the water is boiling – turn off the heat and leave the pot covered and on the burner
  3. Then you have to let it chill for at least 20 minutes – overnight is better

Soft Boiled Eggs

Jenn notes:

One odd thing on Masterchef was that it looked like they said you put the egg in before water boils for the soft boiled, but that’s not how I do it”

This method of cooking eggs takes a lot of trial and error.
for me – the perfect timing is somewhere between 4.5 and 5 minutes. I don’t like it too runny, but if you prefer a really runny egg maybe 3.5 to 4 minutes.
  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. CAREFULLY drop the egg in
  3. Cook until desired runniness (see above)

2 Comments on “The perfect egg”

  1. trixfred30 says:

    My problem is shell crack – how do you deal with that?

    • foodyummers says:

      What a great question because Jenn actually addressed that in our conversation today. Jenn recently went to Norway to visit some relatives who LOVE hard boiled and soft boiled eggs and this is what she has to say about the shell crack:
      “So obviously Scandinavians LOOVE their hard and sof boild eggs right? So Lars and Grete have these springy poker things that you put the egg on, press down and it makes a TINY perfect hole in he top of the egg shell, so that no matter how hard you drop your egg in the boiling water – it won’t crack/break. so cool eh?!”

      This springy poker egg device used by her relatives is an egg piercer ( Makes a tiny hole in the egg to let out the steam so the shell doesn’t crack while cooking but not letting any of the egg contents leak out. It’s a cool device, but if you really don’t want another little kitchen tool, put an egg on a spoon and slowly lower it into the pot of boiling water!

      Hope that helps!

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