One day we will ONLY DREAM of sushi…unless…

My dad has been in the seafood business for a long time, as far as I can remember at least. At one time in my childhood he subscribed to a fishing magazine. It was a great resource for me as it listed, with pictures, the various types of fish that were sold on the market. So when there was an opportunity at school to conduct a research project, I jumped at the chance to research about overfishing.

Overfishing at that time when I was in elementary school was a huge issue and today, well I can only imagine. We are running out of natural fish resources, we’ve been polluting our oceans and our efforts in farmed fishing have been marred with issues. While watching the very appetizing movie, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I salivated and admired the dedication to the craft, but near the end of the movie, Jiro lamented on the decline of fish/seafood quality and the future of sushi.

This relatively new documentary, Sushi: The Global Catch, really brings to bear the issues at hand and the bleak future for future generations to enjoy sushi. And despite my craving to eat at Kaji, I feel guilty for being part of the problem.


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