Noodle cravings

This summer is proving to be one of the best yet – minus the incredible exponential increase in alcohol consumption.

One day whilst running, I had a HUGE craving for noodles. So huge in fact, I ended my run at Kenzo Japaense Noodle House, quickly ordered a bowl of tonkotsu ramen. When it came, I devoured it, felt satisfyingly full and went off on my merry way – just to be hit with another noodle craving!

A few days later I went to Kinton Ramen, waited in line (well I went over to John’s Italian Caffe for beers) and had their shoyu ramen.

And yet after that satisfying experience, I still wanted more…and then I knew what it was – I wanted traditional Chinese lai-mein…a dan dan mein, although now that I type that, perhaps a really good bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle would suffice as well….hmmmmmmmmm

In short, I find ramen a bit too salty overall. Perhaps it’s the fact that the only ramen I know of is the instant kind and the kind they make/serve in Toronto. Regardless, both ramen houses had excellent noodles! I can’t really say much beyond that in terms of taste aside from the fact they both tasted similar.

Kinton may have the slight edge because they have 3 different soup levels (light, regular and heavy – based on fat content, I got regular) and they have a unique ambiance. Kenzo is more of a regular Asian home cooking food kind of place. But in my opinion, they’re both pretty equal – at least I didn’t have to wait a long time at Kenzo :)

So a mild to moderate review for these two places. They will satisfy your ramen craving, but nothing to rave about.



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