Gift Idea’s for Father’s Day – June 17th!

Every year I feel somewhat guilty because my dad is awesome, but it always seems like Mother’s day is a bigger event and I feel bad for the dad’s who just can’t seem to get the same excitement and build-up.

This year I think I’ve got some few good idea that my siblings are throwing around for him.

1. Global Knife

Global knives are pretty expensive, but they are sooo good! I have a couple and they’re super great to use. Light, sharp and easy to manuvere. This will also be a great gift because there are only dull knives at my dad’s :(

2. Davids Tea – Gentleman’s Collection

My dad really likes tea – although extremely partial to Chinese tea. This little gift set for $16.50 has 3 types of interestingly flavoured tea – Buttered rum, salted caramel and Brazillionaire:

Got a black tea lover on your gift list? Introduce them to three new classics with this exceptional collection of black tea blends. It’s got Buttered Rum, a creamy mix of black tea, coconut and vanilla. Then there’s Brazillionaire, a fabulously rich blend packed with whole Brazil Nuts. Finally, we have Salted Caramel, a sweet treat with two types of caramel and a touch of French sea salt. Looks like tea time just got a lot more interesting.

3. Summerlicious Dinner

Why not? He likes eating and so do we!! The list is out for this years event taking place July 6 to 22 with reservations starting June 21.

That’s all the ideas me and my siblings have so far…LET’S SEE WHERE THIS GOES!!!


One Comment on “Gift Idea’s for Father’s Day – June 17th!”

  1. Shannon McCarthy says:

    This year, since my dad is a huge lover of crumb cake, I’m ordering him a gourmet new york style crumb cake through . Their cakes are made-to-order (you can build your own so to speak) and living in Florida, dad misses the true NY style bakeries/treats.

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