The Last Meal

While enjoying a fabulous meal in France and feeling high off of our first course of fresh salad and pâté au porc with delicious french bread, I posed the question to Conan:

“What would you have served to you for your last meal EVER?!”

We cheated a bit and instead of incorporating the restraints placed on some US last meals, we had only a 3 course restriction. Let’s be honest, if there wasn’t, the night would never end. So here goes:


Thai hot and sour soup

Plat Principal
Steak frites with ketchup and vinegar

75% cocoa with blueberry chocolate bunny that is wafer thin



Pork, chive and shrimp dumplings – a mix of pan fried and steamed with red vinegar (not the nasty kind)

Plat Principal
Creamy pasta from Piola (like carbonara)
Portion of steamed fish with soy sauce, green onion, ginger and sesame oil
Baked brie and roasted garlic

Ras Malai


If you could have a last meal of sorts – what would it be?


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