Mother’s Day Idea #2 – Blooming Tea’s!

So earlier in the week I suggested getting mom those delicious Baker Street Mother’s Day cupcakes, but I know not all moms have a sweet tooth. I personally think this is a beautiful gift that can be enjoyed on a special occasion, or whenever one feels like they want to watch something incredible unfold before their eyes – DavidsTea blooming teas!

One of my all-time favourite teas is jasmine and they have jasmine in all the fruit blooming teas, well the flowers at least!


Fruit Blooming Teas – 6 pack, $14.50 per box

These hand-crafted blooms taste just as lovely as they look. Each little wonder contains a beautiful blossom of lily and jasmine flowers. Just drop a ball into your glass teapot, watch it unfold, and meditate over the fresh aroma of juicy peach, ripe strawberry or sophisticated lychee. But the real surprise comes in your cup, as these particular blooms come loaded with a big fruity burst of flavour. Could life be more zen? Each box contains two of each flavour.

  1. Strawberry Bloom
  2. Peach Bloom
  3. Lychee Bloom

Blooming Teas – 3 pack, $6.50 per box

This pretty teal gift box contains three different varieties of blooming tea. Fountain of Youth bursts with marigold and amaranth petals. Jasmine Garland contains seven jasmine flowers and a perfect pink amaranth. And Double Zen slowly reveals two ethereal flowers made of jasmine, marigold and amaranth. Just watching them is a soothing, zen experience – brew them in a glass teapot or cup to enjoy the full spectacle.

  1. Jasmine Garland
  2. Double Zen
  3. Fountain of Youth

Oh and FYI for anyone who wants to purchase the glass teapot as well – they’re $29.50 each.


Let me know what you end up doing on Mother’s Day!!!!


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