Momofuku Toronto: Opening July 28

And there you go folks. Bask in the hype. Official Toronto resto name TBD. Maybe it should be Totofuku!



Reading the article makes me feel instantaneously less excited. Especially with lines from David Chang that sound like this, “It’s like two or three concepts in one beautiful building, next to the Shangri-La Hotel.” Shangri-La the nasty, pretentious glass house which lacks character, innovation, design and foresight (i.e. just another large penis in the sky.) Aside from that, the Toronto Momofuku now feels like Earls downtown. Why does Toronto always turn things into overly corporate, suit-infested dead spaces?

I feel we can never be the cutting edge, world-class city that we all desparately want to be. We’re just the expensive knock-off that looks really fake :(


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