RE: Class Action Lawsuit against The Butchers/Marlon’s Meat in Toronto

I’ve been periodically following-up with this developing story and I noticed the Marlon’s Meat website is down, but they do have a formerly active twitter feed (@ButchersOrganic).

The issue is now a focus for Peter Silverman and he is looking for others who have been affected. His focus is more on government action and protection – the Consumer Protection Ministry and cracking down on the Federal Competition Bureau for false advertising. He also urges those affected to contact their MPP.

I have also received a comment on my original post about Marlon’s Meat on a more unified class-action suit against Marlon Pather and his organization:

Good afternoon fellow fraud victims!

If you’re interested in an attempt to recover some or all of the money you spent at The Butcher’s Organic/Marlon’s Meats, please email

I am not a lawyer. I am, however, betting that Mr. Pather and his accomplices have assumed that the individuals he defrauded will not be able to work together to pursue him. I’d really like to prove him wrong and I’m willing to administer a list of people interested in a class action. Once a reasonable number of people have indicated their willingness to participate in a class action civil suit, I will communicate our options via email. If we have an overwhelming response (fingers crossed) I intend to form a committee of interested individuals to manage the process.

Your information will NOT BE SHARED without your explicit permission and will be only be communicated to the lawyer that we ultimately engage to represent us.

Please note that harassment will not be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities.

Please provide:
1. your name
2. a daytime telephone number
3. your email address
4. the terms of the deal you purchased

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please spread the word and don’t hesitate to be in touch!




One Comment on “RE: Class Action Lawsuit against The Butchers/Marlon’s Meat in Toronto”

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