BYOW Toronto!

It is that time of year again where the pressure is on me to find something to do for the celebration of my birthday.

I do not consider myself to one of those people who loathe to turn a year older, that being said (Curb reference), I must admit that time goes by really quickly and I dislike the fact that I’m one step closer to the end. Regardless, the last time I fully went out to celebrate my birthday was a few years back at some club where I drank copious amounts of alcohol and puked my guts out, so perhaps this year I bring civilized-back with some close friends.

In addition, this year I’m going to spoil myself with TWO parties!! WOOT! I do have a reason though and it revolves around the fact that I have to celebrate OTHER PEOPLES LIFE CHOICES again (Sex and the City reference –  wow, I’m on an HBO roll…) on my awesome birthday, so I deserve it! One will be before my actual birthday with some close family and friends; and the other will be my traditional family only BBQ – one of the awesome perks of a summer birthday!

So I’m currently just at a loss as to where I should go for my birthday. I think I have about 10 guests that I want to invite, which isn’t small, but it’s not too big either. I keep thinking about that night in NYC a couple years back where I went to some random Indian restaurant with my friends somewhere in Soho and then off to a random patio afterwards. Probably one of the best nights of chilling. So I kinda want to re-create that feeling again this time and of course, nothing comes to mind. I’m pretty sure it’s because I live in Toronto and everything seems boring and old, while NYC is always new and exciting – or it could actually be the fact that Toronto is boring and old :P (I still love the Tdot! <3)

Anyway, one of the things that crossed my mind was a place where one could Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW). Now there are places that will let you do it – for a price. And naturally, some places are more “stuck up” than others. I don’t believe it costs $20 for some schmuck to open my wine bottle and the pour me a half-full glass, so I went onto the interest to research.


Awesome site so far!

  • Provides a list of restaurants and their information
  • Provides a map of restaurants (with infomration) on Google Maps
  • And corkage fee!!!

Definitely lookin’ into it!!!!!

And if I can’t find anything, there is always my favourite neighbourhood bar…:)


2 Comments on “BYOW Toronto!”

  1. Helio says:

    Try BYOW.COM as well.

  2. You can also check out will provide you with all BYOW, 1/2 price deals, and prix fixe menus by day and neighbourhood:)

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