The Arnold Palmer

I think I made reference to this drink in a post somewhere.

So basically the Arnold Palmer is a lemon iced tea, but I believe there is actually a branded drink by that name. Anyway, it’s half tea and half lemonade! Simple dimple.

  • Brew some orange pekoe tea – make it strong and dark.
  • Squeeze some lemon juice
  • Put some sugar in a pot with some water for a simple syrup – heat until dissolved
  • Mix simple syrup with lemon juice (I put the lemon zest in the heating simple syrup to infuse with more lemony flavour – just sayin’)
  • Add to lemon combo to tea
  • Dilute with some cold water – but not too much because…..
  • Serve cold and finish diluting with some fizzy water AND (maybe) some alcohol ;)


The Arnold Palmer.


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