In no particular order…

Assignment #1

I’ve been eyeing this particular bar/lounge/risto place for a long time. Conan and I have appropriately coined it: The Telus Bar, since it’s located in the (fairly) new Telus building on York Street. However, it does have a proper name: Aria. This risto is brought to you by the ones who started up Noce on Queen West. Aria is supposedly serving up some “contemporary Italian” and to be quite honest, WTF is that? Isn’t that the same thing Noce is? Hence the reason I need to find out.


Assignment #2

To continue with me and Wendy’s review of Guu in Toronto, the Bloor West (Annex) Guu has finally opened and we’re in the process of planning some meals! YUM!

Wendy’s first initial thoughts: “How pretenious! They’re so gimmicky (referring to the Zashiki)! They need a gimmick like this to sell the place?!”



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