The Rebirth of Salad King

Salad King
340 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5B

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After the front wall of building on Gould street crumbled down onto the road and barely missing pedestrians, a few months later, a six-alarm fire broke out at the same building  and this time, burning down the Salad King location.

I remember going to Salad King in Toronto a few years back as a teenager. It was a great place to grab some decent priced food that tasted great. The highlight of it all was probably the Hong Kong cafe-styled (cha chaan teng) layout whereby patrons share tables, or “dap toi”, so no seats are left empty.

Since the fire, Salad King owners thought it would be a great time for a re-brand. And the results are great and a nice change from the old Salad King.

I went there this weekend with Conan. Conan, being the true romantic that he is, has been complaining about how far apart we are always seated from each other when we go out to restaurants and bars. He also didn’t like the old Salad King because of the “dap toi” situation, so it took a long time to convince him to try out the new location. I think he was quite happy with it how they’ve changed it up a bit. Now you have all the tables on one floor, tables by the window for your own party and they still have some “dap toi” tables as well. The kitchen is open and the washrooms are private.

The window seating, facing Yonge street.

Group seating


The food – still awesome! We ordered the chicken satay and spring rolls as appetizers.

The satays were good…the peanut sauce really was the best part I think! It was peanutty, sweet, hint of spicy and salty, well-balanced. I love sauces too – could never eat without sauces on my food as a kid. And even alone, without the peanut sauce, the satays were grilled nicely with a slight taste of turmeric. I can’t say these were the BEST satays I’ve had, but they were pretty decent – like I said, the sauce really made it good!

The slightly pickled cucumbers were kind of sad looking though, just because there were so few of them on the plate, but they were ok, not much flavour.

The spring rolls were pretty good. Not much black fungus in them, but they were crispy – again, the sauce was pretty much the highlight. It was a sour sauce (rice vinegar) with some fish sauce, a hit of chilli and some peanuts.

For the mains, I had the Siam noodle. So phad thai with peanut sauce. Again, the SAUCE made it awesome! Although I thought there was slightly too much fish sauce, it was still DELICIOUS!! Better the next day ;)

Conan had the spicy basil chicken noodle. I’m not a fan of spicy foods. It seems almost backwards to suffer in pain too much to enjoy something good. I found it was too spicy for me, but he thought it was a great dish. I obviously think mine was better :P


All in all, the new place is a great environment – trendy, fun, comfortable, yet different. The food is not perfect, but I still loved my time there and enjoyed every bit of my food! It’s a great place to meet up with your friends for a pretty affordable bite to eat in a nice environment. Would definitely have to go back again!


2 Comments on “The Rebirth of Salad King”

  1. Ken Yung says:

    Wow jen … no idea you ran a food blog. I’m excited that the salad king is back too! Pad thai looks as good as ever

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