I ate Kangaroo

Yesterday I re-visited the Grindhouse for some gourmet burger action. One of the nice things about the Grindhouse is that they have different types of meat on the menu from time to time. Yesterday they had both a Wild Boar and Kangaroo burger available. Admittedly, the only time I’ve seen someone eat Kangaroo was in university over YouTube. It was a video of some dude eating a Kangaroo anus on either Fear Factor, or a show like it. I remember him saying it was rubbery. LOLOLOL

Anyway, I saw the Grindhouse was offering “The Aussie” and it read that it was “free-range ground Kangaroo” – so clearly, that was what I had to eat.

As you can see, it looked like any other burger.

But it tasted different.

Like Bison, Kangaroo meat is very low in fat – about 2%. Actually when you compare the nutritional value of the 2 types of meat, they’re very similar. When eating the burger, I felt the Kangaroo meat was a bit more gamey than Bison. Bison is dry and tastes like beef, but the Kangaroo, at least in this situation, was juicier and had more flavour. Now I’m a fan of gamey tastes. I find them to be a nice change to what I eat everyday. I appreciate meats like venison or caribou (my fav), so I found the Kangaroo quite tasty.

This burger was supposed to come with a fried egg – I opted to go with the burger sans egg, and I think it was a good decision. The fried egg would have masked the subtle gamey taste – the Kangaroo taste. In my opinion, the fried egg was only added to the burger to TAKE AWAY from the Kangaroo instead of enhancing its flavour in order to appeal to the masses? Either way, it was a bad idea and sans egg was much much better.

Although I give props to the Grindhouse for serving something like Kangaroo, I’m not soo impressed with their efforts in masking the Kangaroo flavour AND ALSO, giving us LEFTOVER SWEET POTATO BITS when we ordered the sweet potato fries. Unfortunately, this experience at Grindhouse was disappointing and quite frankly, not a great one because of that. We pointed it out and got nothing in return – not even an apology. WTF happened?!


2 Comments on “I ate Kangaroo”

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  2. Becki Robins says:

    In their defense, I don’t think the egg was meant to mask the kangaroo flavor. Burgers served with a fried egg are popular in Australia, and if you ordered a kangaroo burger in Australia you would probably also be offered an egg. It’s just an Aussie style burger (beef burgers are served that way too).

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