Taiwanese Street Food – Part Two

Unfortunately for Conan, he got sick for a day and had to spend it at the hotel while I ventured out to taste Taiwan.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t alone and spent time with some hardcore foodies. And let me tell you, they were foodies. They ate and ate and ate, and then ate some more! I could not keep up – it was insane city! Although I had the day to myself, I was quite uninspired to take pictures of everything I ate because I was worried about Conan and it just wasn’t the same without him :(


The Shinlin night market is probably the most famous night market in Taipei. I was talking to a friend, Barry, and I was complaining about how disappointed I was (long story) and he told me that I had to go to the Shilin night market, and so there I was.

This place was different than the other night markets I had gone to so far. This place had GAMES! It was the Asian version of the midway. I’m serious! They had water shooting games, dart games etc and you could won prizes of all sorts! I didn’t partake in any of them because I wasn’t feeling it and because I hate winning stuffed animal prizes! ;) I really didn’t have room in my luggage to carry those things back to Hong Kong! And of course, this place was packed with food vendors…PACKED.

You would never see something like this in North America – it’d be too “unhygienic”, it wouldn’t meet “codes” and all that jazz; but again, you’d never eat such great street food in North America either.

They had this one fried chicken place that sold fried boneless chicken, so you could hold it in a bag and eat a chicken while walking and enjoying other sights. It was crazy! I had a bite…it was good! I’d dare say, better than Popeye’s…and I love Popeye’s! And like I said, there were lots of food vendors and some of them would have their special ingredients lined up to be cooked. In the picture below you can see they had things like shrimp, crab and even pigs liver out for all to gander at before ordering and eating.


A trip to Taiwan is not complete without having some bonafide pearl milk bubble tea. So my friend Michael’s uncle got one for each of us. YUM! Except it wasn’t the best. Apparently there was a place that had better bubble tea near our hotel.  Too bad :( For those who are not familiar with the bubble tea, the traditional bubble tea is similar to the Hong Kong milk tea, which is just black tea with milk and of course, tapioca. There are different kinds and flavours, but we were in it for the pearl milk bubble tea.

The other picture is just a random picture of one of the dishes we ate that night. Just some fried rice noodles. Umm…they weren’t that great actually, but it was the last picture I took before I started to kinda chow down on dinner (I was really full!).

Ok these were also pretty cool – but I wasn’t a big fan of them. It’s a whole potato, in a continuous slice that was fried and then seasoned – so a really big potato chip! I think it was more of a novelty than something you thought tasted amazing! It was cool, but difficult to eat.


I suppose that this night market would’ve been pretty good on a normal day, but by this time I had eaten so much food in Taiwan, that I simply just didn’t want to eat anymore! Which meant I didn’t really enjoy my time there as much as I probably would’ve. This is also coupled by the fact that they only had squatting toilets there, so I was trying really hard not to eat or drink too much :P


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