RE: Longo’s Customer Service?

Alright it’s been awhile, but that’s because I’ve been enjoying (probably too much) some much needed vacation time!

Vacations are amazing and fun – but there comes a time when you just think to yourself, “I want to sleep in my own bed and just do nothing at home.” So I’m glad to be home after a long vacation. This also meant my mailbox was stuffed with mail. After sifting through countless spam mail I finally arrived at a letter from Longos!

Just a quick re-cap for those who don’t feel like scrolling down 2 clicks:

Bought a pizza from Longo’s and it was decent. Bought another pizza from Longo’s and it didn’t have sauce, but thought it was just a fluke. Bought a third pizza from Longo’s – it also had no sauce and definitely not a fluke. They are cheaping out on TOMATO SAUCE! COME ON!!!

They sent me a $10 gift certificate. Ok, that’s somewhat sweet – except it doesn’t even cover the price of the sauceless pizzas I’ve bought from them  – not even one!

I would re-try the pizza this week, but I think I’m off of food for a while :P  FOOD OVERLOAD!


2 Comments on “RE: Longo’s Customer Service?”

  1. jim says:

    3 of their pizza varieties don’t have sauce as a topping … check the menu.

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