Southern Fare and The New Project

Can you tell my mind is focussed on only one thing right now?

Just after writing that review/rant on comfort foods, I started to think about my love for American Southern fare in general. It’s really something I love to indulge in. Fried chicken, sweet cornbread with lots of butter, shortbread cookies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, braised short ribs, bbq ribs (I like saucey!)…mMmMmMm! I don’t even know how I’m going to get through this blog entry!

Anyway, I know and I’m familiar with how comfort food and southern food works. You need lots of butter, some more butter and then butter on top. You can’t really make anything worth serving without it. That said, in order to make myself feel better about eating my favourite foods, I try modifying recipes to make them less “harmful” I guess you can say.

So I’ve decided I will start a project and work through some recipes and make them “healthier” and post them here. I’m currently packing up my current place of residence for a move in September so all my cooking utensils are spread throughout boxes and cupboards but once I settle down, I’m going to start!

Actually I can start by posting some recipes I tried last Thanksgiving!! WOOT! Excited!!!!


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