Brick Street Bakery

So I haven’t written anything here for quite some time. It’s not because I haven’t been having some phenomenal food, just sorta been lazy :p (although that should not be an excuse).

Anyway, I was in the beaches area 2 weekends ago because my boyfriend needed a haircut – badly!!! No grown man should ever be sporting a bowl cut, especially one which almost appears to have been “styled” by a toddler with no motor skills. But enough about that. After getting his hair fixed, we decided to take a stroll around since it appeared the place had changed quite a bit. We were on our way to the Green Eggplant when all of a sudden we both get a whiff of something amazing. It was sweet, fresh and delicious smelling. We followed our noses to the Brick Street Bakery.

We walked in and saw the place was full of cookies, pasteries and loaves of bread. Needless to say, it took us a while to choose something to buy. In the end we picked up an orange white chocolate cookie, a sticky Ginger loaf slice, a palmier and a loaf of basil bread.

The Ginger loaf was heaven!!! I love love Ginger desserts and this was just amazing!!! I couldn’t stop eating it. Love. The palmier was buttery and flakey. It melted in your mouth. Delicious. The orange white chocolate cookie was good too – that was my boyfriends choice and although I don’t like white chocolate, it was still phenomenal!! The basil bread was also excellent, especially when made into garlic bread!!! :9

So there is one on queen east and also the “original” in the distillery district. Everyone must go there to try something!!!!


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