Egg Poaching Mechanisms

I have breakfast foods not only at breakfast, but all throughout the day. It’s great to come home from work and grab a bowl of cereal or make some pancakes or even some eggs and sausage. Ever since I was a kid I ate my eggs no other way but scrambled. My mom would also sometimes change it up and scramble some eggs and steam them. It wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve started to appreciate over-easy and poached eggs. (To this day, I still haven’t tried devilled eggs!!) In fact now I prefer poached eggs over scrambled!

I love dipping my buttered toast into the gooey, creamy yolk of a poached egg. There is nothing worse  than a poached egg with a cooked yolk!! But cooking the egg to perfection is just the secondary to dropping an egg into a pot of hot water and keeping the whites intact. I’ve tried the vinegar in the water and slipping the egg into the pot. I would like to say it was somewhat successful, but I’m only kidding myself. So as a result, up until now I have only had poached eggs at restaurants.

I am aware of several different types of mechanisms that help make it easier:

  1. Microwave Egg Poacher
  2. Toaster / Egg maker combo
  3. Electric Egg Cookers

And recently while making breakfast at my boyfriend’s parents house, I used an Egg Steamer mechanism.

As seen, there is a metal cover which sits on the pot filled with some water, the eggs are placed in the holders, the lid goes on and eggs are steamed.

Reasons why I prefer this steamer over the other mechanisms:

  1. I’m not nuking my eggs in plastic
  2. I’m not buying a useless toaster with a random egg maker on the side that probably doesn’t even work very well
  3. I’m not buying an expensive kitchen appliance that will take up space and be a hassle to use and clean

The only downside to this egg steamer contraption is the holder is hard to clean by hand. Regardless, the result was intact and tasty!!!

The perfectly poached egg straight out of the steamer. Yes, Conan made them for me!

Parisian bread with butter and a gooey yolk…mmmMmMMmMmMmmm Thanks baby!!!

It was such a delicious breakfast – now I just gotta get me one of those steamers!


3 Comments on “Egg Poaching Mechanisms”

  1. Winnie says:

    Yes. Poached eggs.. mmMMMMmmmm. [looks good]

    I think the first time I ever tried poached eggs was when Carmen tried making it w/ vinegar in a pot and just dropping it in [like what you said].
    The outcome… was ALRIGHT she cooked the yolk too much and I could still taste the vinegar. (tiny bit)

    Anyways.. the pics look great. Maybe you’ll make me REAL poached eggs?

  2. Conan says:

    Two recommendations:

    1. Make sure to put a good blob of butter in the steamer cups before you add the eggs, or they will stick, and be impossible to clean.

    2. Wait until the water is boiling, then add the eggs and cover for precisely 3 minutes. Make sure not to burn yourself on the steam!

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