Winterlicious in Toronto

Beer Bistro
18 King Street East, Toronto
(416) 861-9872

Beerbistro on Urbanspoon


Today a couple of my co-workers and I headed down to the Beer Bistro for their Winterlicious lunch special.

For all those who are unfamiliar with Winterlicious, it’s an event that takes place in Toronto in both the winter and summer (summerlicious) whereby restaurants across the city offer up prix fixe meals for a “discounted” price. I put discounted in quotations because I’ve noticed throughout the years the prices have gone up considerably and it no longer offers deals which would entice you to try out different places. Not only is the price kinda crappy nowadays, I’ve noticed the food quality is usually pretty brutal. Regardless, there are still restaurants that offer up good food for a reasonable price and the Beer Bistro is definitely one of them!

Now I had forgotten I started this blog, so in consequence I didn’t take any pictures except for the one below of 3 / 4 different beers I had. Speaking of beers, this place offers up a great selection of beers!!! I would definitely come here just so I could sample beer like it was wine!!

I’ve eaten at the Beer Bistro on several occasions, eaten out on the patio in the summer, went for just drinks, dinner, lunch, take-out…just many many times and each time I’ve gotten extremely good food and service.

This place does an excellent job at seamlessly fusing beer into the cuisine. This is absolutely NOT a typical pub fare place – it’s original and exciting!!!

One of my more memorable dishes I’ve had here was the pulled pork. I love smoked meat and the pulled pork here was excellent!!!

The mussels are also something you cannot pass up! Each type of mussel bowl is filled with a fresh, oceany sweet broth which MUST be fully enjoyed with the sourdough bread provided.

Duck confit corn dogs. Need I say more?

Although not a meal (but it can be), the frites are to die for! Served with both a slightly spicy mayo dip and a BBQ ketchup sauce on the side…mmmmmmmm!! Just thinking about them makes me hungry!

And for the healthy person inside of us all, the salads are pretty good too!!!!

Now I need to figure out my restaurant rating system but for now I’ll just say this is one of my fav spots to go for food. I just wish my metabolism was fast enough to keep up!!


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